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Welcome to Aylesva China

Welcome to Aylesva China, the premier destination for your purchasing and import needs, connecting China to the United States, Mexico, and Latin America! Our mission is to offer you a secure and streamlined solution for accessing high-quality Chinese products at competitive prices, tailored specifically for B2B wholesale customers.

The Order Process:

We take the guesswork out of importing products from China

Product Selection

Buy safely with more than 3000 Chinese suppliers and receive your quote in a maximum of 24 hours


Our team talks to several factories to find the best price and match for you.

Quality Control

Our team checks the different batches of products to ensure that the order is to spec and matches the sample


Order your product and it shows up at your doorstep, our warehouse, or your requested port.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Send us a photo and we’ll get it for you. Email us at info@aylesvachina.com or call (714) 923-7077